Gem Lake Hike 2017

Gem Lake

Gem Lake is a great hike in the eastern part of Rocky Mountain National Park. And a great way to end the hiking season for 2017. This wasn’t the first time I had hiked to Gem Lake. The first time I hiked to Gem Lake was July 13, 1998, a little over 19 years ago. But it has always been one of my favorite hikes in the park, so I wanted to do it again. And I also wanted to see how much slower I was compared to then. In 1998 I started from the Gem Lake trailhead at 10:48 AM and arrived at the lake at 11:31 Am, about 43 minutes to hike the 2 miles. This year, I started at the Lumpy Ridge Trailhead, and it took me about one hour and 4 minutes to go the 1.7 miles. So I wasn’t too far off my time from 19 years ago and it was just as beautiful.