52 Hike Challenge 2019

Hike #DateHike/ Trail NameDistance TraveledElevation Gain
Hike 015-Jan-19Highlands Point via East/West Trail2.2856
Hike 0213-Jan-19Pelican Pond1.3813
Hike 0317-Jan-19Glendale Farm Open Space1.51165
Hike 0419-Jan-19Prairie Falcon Trail1.27148
Hike 0527-Jan-19Fallen Timbers Trail1.64204
Hike 062-Feb-19Coyote Song to Swallow Trail Loop3.54413
Hike 0715-Feb-19City Park Lake Trail1.6520
Hike 081-Mar-19North Green Mountain Trail1.00154
Hike 099-Mar-19Dawson Butte Trail with Manager Meadow Path4.56343
Hike 1010-Mar-19Columbine Open Space Trail1.06190
Hike 1116-Mar-19Bluffs Regional Park Trail2.87344
Hike 1223-Mar-19Rock Park aka Castle Rock1.32278
Hike 1324-Mar-19Highline Canal Trail5.0892
Hike 1426-Mar-19Cathy Johnson/Columbine Trail4.48596
Hike 1527-Mar-19Mount Falcon1.80243
Hike 1631-Mar-19Rimrock to Creek Bottom Trail4.94703
Hike 171-Apr-19South Rim and Willow Creek Loop3.06440
Hike 186-Apr-19Genesee Summit Trail1.45357
Hike 199-Apr-19Maxwell Falls Lower Trail4.291009
Hike 2013-Apr-19Red Rocks Trail1.22434
Hike 2116-Apr-19Dakota Ridge Trail4.471051
Hike 2221-Apr-19Eagle Wind Trail4.00446
Hike 235-May-19Devil's Backbone Nature Trail4.75638
Hike 249-May-19Spruce Mountain Trail5.19657
Hike 2510-May-19Wildcat Glades Hike1.0666
Hike 2612-May-19Turkey Mountain1.54180
Hike 2727-May-19Big Dry Creek Trail5.78631
Hike 281-Jun-19Willow Creek Falls Loop3.08286
Hike 296-Jun-19Waterin' Hole & Ponderosa Loop4.50344
Hike 3011-Jun-19East/West Regional Trail-Segment 25.32585
Hike 3116-Jun-19MacGregor Falls Trail6.731045
Hike 3222-Jun-19Boulder Mesa Trail7.651591
Hike 3330-Jun-19Apex/Enchanted Forest/Hardscrabble/Sluicebox/Pick-n-Sledge/Argos7.101453
Hike 3414-July-19Smithville to German Town4.00280
Hike 3517-July-19“Lake Danakosha”2.83210
Hike 3628-July-19Forest and Meadow Loop Trail. Lookout Mountain1.20150
Hike 3729-July-19Mt Bierstadt8.002762
Hike 386-Aug-19Monument Trail6.37657
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Hike 52
Cumulative TotalsAvg Elevation Gain: 506.16AVG Distance: 3.53 miles133.9719,234