Fluorouracil 5 Topical Treatment

I put this under documentary category to show my journey through skin cancer and its treatment in hope that it will help others. In 2007, I had my first “early melanoma” removed from my back. I have had several other atypical moles removed from my back and two basal cell removed from my arm. In 2009 my dermatologist told me to use Fluorouracil 5 cream on my face for 3 weeks. He showed me a couple of photos and said my skin might turn a little red and prescribed Fluorouracil 5, generic. The pharmacist told my wife(ex) and I that it was chemotherapy in a cream form, this was of course a little unnerving I applied this cream twice a day for 21 days and these phots show my second journey in 2011. (Some of the photos by Lacey)