Devil’s Head Lookout

May 25, 2018

I have been wanting to do a sunset hike and Devil’s Head in Pikes National Forest seemed like it would be a good one. I arrived at the trailhead about 7:00pm and starting hiking around 7:30. The first sign I noticed was about the EF1 tornado that hit the area on July 21, 2015. Three years later and the area sill looks like a mess, and you can read about the tornado in a Denver Post article here.  Since it was a weekday the parking lot had several spots available.

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Devils Head TrailHead Signs

An EF1 Tornado hit Devils Head in 2015. Behind the sign is some of the tree damage.

Pikes Peak in the background from Devils Head Lookout

Looking down the stairs from Devils Head Lookout. you can see a person on the trail