Willow Creek Falls [Trip Report]

by | Jun 3, 2019

After first hiking in Roxborough State Park last year for the 52 Hike Challenge, I set a sub-goal of finishing all the hikes (9) in that park by the end of 2019. The park is beautiful, the red sandstone formations jutting up, the great views from on top of Carpenter Peak and the South Rim are incredible, and the possibility of rattlesnakes has kept me on my toes.  After I finished the South Rim Trail, earlier this year in the mud and snow I thought I was almost done, having to do Carpenter Peak again with the variation return via the Powerline/Elk Valley Loop but on the trail map, in the middle was one short trail called Willow Creek Falls. It also says private property around it so I was confused as to how I would hike it. I searched the internet for trip reports and/or photos but I couldn’t find anything and I was beginning to wonder if it was an old trail, maybe one that had been closed down.

This year, my son and I drove to the park intent on finishing the Carpenter Peak variant loop but it was getting late in the day and we decided to stop in at the visitor center and ask a ranger how we would get to the Willow Creek Falls trail. She told us how to get there and I will share our adventure, with photos, in hopes that it will help another person who wishes to hike the same trail. 

Starting at the visitor center, hike on the Carpenter Peak Trail, past the South Rim Loop trail turnoff to a large dirt road. There will be signs to continue on to Carpenter Peak BUT do not go that way and instead turn left (SouthEast) and walk down the large dirt road for a little over 0.6 miles. As you hike down the road you will see several private property signs on the right and left, so please stay off the private property. Eventually you will see a sign saying you are re-entering the state park and then you will come to a sign that says “Willow Creek Falls Trail .3 miles, moderate”. Follow the small foot trail for about 0.3 miles until you arrive at the falls. There is a lower and upper section to the falls, look for rock steps to the top. Return the same way back to the visitor center.


  • Round Trip Distance: 3.08 Miles (from visitor center)
  • Elevation Gain: 286 feet
  • Difficulty: Class 1
  • Time: One Hour
  • Date Hiked: June 1, 2019
  • Trail Number on Map: 9

Roxborough State Park Map Link

Follow the Carpenter Peak trail

Follow the Carpenter Peak trail to the large dirt road

The large dirt road
Turn left once you reach the large dirt road & walk to the Willow Creek Falls TH about 0.5 miles

Willow Creek Falls Trailhead

The lower section of Willow Creek Falls

The upper section of Willow Creek Falls

Walking back to the main dirt road from Willow Creek Falls

Red sandstone rock formations

Red sandstone rock formations