Front Range Fourteeners

Six 14ers are located in the Colorado Front Range. Grays Pk, Torreys Pk, Mt Evans, Longs Pk, Pikes Pk, Mt Bierstadt.

Grays Peak


Range: Front Range
Rank: 9/53
Dates Summited: Aug 22,1997 & Aug 29,1998
Route: Stevens Gulch

Hiking Notes: First ascent was solo. Second ascent with Lars (Aug 29, 1998)

Torreys Peak

Torreys Peak


Range: Front Range
Rank: 11/53
Dates Summited: Aug 28,1998
Route: Stevens Gulch Trailhead

Hiking Notes: My first ascent of Torreys Peak was from the Stevens Gulch Trailhead. Partner: Lars. My second and third time summitting Torreys Peak was via the Kelso Ridge (Class 3). Partners for the Kelso Ridge: Michael, Matt.

Mount Blue Sky


Range: Front Range
Rank: 14/53
Dates Summited: Mar 20,1999
Route: West Ridge route from Guanella Pass.

Hiking Notes: Started in the winter and summitted on the first day of spring. Via the West Ridge route and started from Guanella Pass. Hiking partner: Kurt

Longs Peak 


Arapaho Name: Neníisótoyóú’u
Range: Front Range
Rank: 15/53
Dates Summited: Aug 15,1996 & Aug 28,1998
Route: Keyhole

Hiking Notes: My first fourteener and the whole reason I started rock climbing. Located in the Front Range, both ascents via the Keyhole Route. Summited a second time on August 08, 1998. Summit partners (Second time): Lars, Chris, Jeff.

Pikes Peak


Arapaho Name: Heeyotoyoo’
Range: Front Range
Rank: 30/53
Dates Summited: Aug 04,1999
Route: Via the Crags Trail route and started from Crags Campground.

Hiking Notes: Hiking partner: Donna

Mount Bierstadt


Range: Front Range
Rank: 38/53
Dates Summited: Aug 21,1997, July 29, 2019
Route: Via the West Slopes route and started from Guanella Pass.

Hiking Notes: Hiking partners: Donna, Ricky, Sam, Christine